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Water Ionizer

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With the approval of benefits of alkaline water for our body by many health research institutes, a JAPANESE COMPANY – ENAGIC KANGEN WATER developed world’s first water ioniser in 1974. Kangen in Japanese means- return to origin. Within no amount of time, Kangen gained popularity among 150 countries across the globe and still continues to do so. In India, the company has its registered office in Bangalore. Now, what is so special about this ioniser according to the company claims?

Miracle water – The water is said to be miracle water in curing chronic diseases and boosting our immune system by its antioxidant properties. The properties that have been observed in Ganga water, ZAM ZAM water, mecca etc. The company claims that the water works with three properties.

Properties of Kangen water:-

  • Micro-clustering – The big molecules of water are not likely to absorb by our body, hence the Kangen water ionizers breaks down the water molecules known as micro-clustering. Company claims that the minute molecules are readily absorbed by the body and any component dipped in water. This implies the fact that our body gets more hydration with Kangen water, rather than simply quenching our thirst.
  • Antioxidant in nature– The process of oxidation is very common in natural environment. If you cut a fruit and leave it there for some time, you’d notice a layer of dead tissue on the exposed part of the fruit. This is the result of oxidation that leads to dead cells and hence promotes aging. Kangen water, however , claims to be antioxidant in nature because of the SEVEN TITANIUM PLATES which break the molecule into H positive and OH negative ions. OH negative ions have antioxidant properties, which delays the oxidation process and rejuvenates our skin cells. So call it miracle water or beauty water, it’s all the same.
  • Alkalization– Alkalinity, acidity and neutrality are the pH levels of a water. Acidic water is considered to be toxic whereas alkaline water is considered to be beneficial for our body. Kangen water is claimed to be highly alkaline water. The Kangen water ionizers divide the main water stream into five channels:-


PH level:-

  1. KANGEN WATER- 9.5-8.5
  2. CLEAN WATER-  7.0
  3. BEAUTY WATER-6.0-5.5



  • The average life of Kangen water ioniser is claimed to be – 15 to 25 years.
  • WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION has given four gold standard awards to Kangen water ionizers.
  • JAPA certificate – Around 6.5 thousand MD doctors in Japan certified Kangen water ioniser with this one.
  • ISO 13485 – Medical grade water ionisers award.


Price range:-

There are four models of Kangen water ionisers, ranging from 2,18,000 to 3,97,000. Quite expensive but worth the price if they are as good as they claim to be. RO Services is more than happy to assist you with any query regarding the RO purifier facility in your area. Feel free to give us a call at +91 9306430026 ,  we will make sure to give you the best water purifier services.To know more about us



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