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Types Of Services

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At Ro Services India we tend to provide you the top-notch quality services in fields of RO water purifiers, their spare parts and services regarding the same. Having a wide network connection of vendors and technicians all over India, disappointed clientele is not our case. Being a connecting bridge between the best brands across nations and your doorstep, we provide you a deal to seal for sure. Let’s dive into the pool of services and find out the best ones for you:-

Repair Services:-

Damage is ours to handle, you don’t need to worry about it. Repairing spare parts along with replacing the old ones, comes with best offers that suit your pocket & requirements. Highly trained technicians that aim to deliver at their best would be there to assist you in any kind of inconvenience. All the information regarding the repair services has been updated on the service section of our website. Do check it out.

Routine Services:-

We provide you proper routine checkups and here’s why you need to go for them.
Routine checks would ensure a long-lasting life for your Reverse Osmosis System. You won’t have to worry about the spare parts purchase as the Service centre would provide it to you under your AMC. Plus, online search or even market search takes up a lot of time for perfect spare parts. So, routine checkups would ensure that it’s not your place to worry about it. The spare parts that need to be replaced within a particular time span would stop working and the water purifier would shut down.

In short, there’s no alternative for routine checkups in the Reverse Osmosis System. You have to consider them.

AMC services:-

AMC stands for annual maintenance contract. As the name suggests, it’s a yearly contract or agreement between the manufacturer and owner of a water purifier.You get regular visits according to your plan. The charges applied generally depend upon the parts you need to be changed, which are not included in the plan. And the parts included in the plan along with the technician/service charge.
AMC plans vary, according to your requirements. Check out ours on the webpage.

Installation Services:-

They are absolutely free of cost along with the purchase. Installation of RO purifiers requires skilled technicians, which we provide at RO Services India. The wide service network makes it really easy to connect with the best in the nation and thereby connect you with them. We are just a call away.

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