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Type of water resources

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Type of Water resources

Water is the basic necessity, without which life is practically not possible. It’s a transparent, liquid substance with neutral pH of 7. Cleaning, Cooking, Bathing, Metabolic functions of our body which is constituted mainly of water, all work with water. Our body is made up of 70% water. Now this water has various aspects to it, like where it originates from, how it lives an endless cycle on the planet Earth and so on. So the main types of water resources are categorised into:-

  1. Surface Water
  2. Ground Water
  3. Lagoon & Backwater

Surface Water:-

Earth witnesses an endless water cycle also known as the hydrological cycle throughout the year. Surface water participates in it actively. Most of the surface water we get from rainfall is generated from the water cycle itself. Surface water is mainly stored in the rivers, lakes, wetlands and other surface runoffs. In India, there are almost 10,360 rivers. Not only that, their tributaries itself stretch upto almost 1.6 km each. Surface water has multiple uses:-

  • Drinking
  • Irrigation
  • Public use for like washing, bathing etc.

The rivers are considered sacred and are also a major tourist attraction in India. Pilgrims are on the river banks and receive immense crowds throughout the year.

The only issue with surface water is that it’s far more polluted today then it used to be. Running water never gets polluted was the idea but today mankind has done a wonderful job polluting the one source we rely upon for survival. Governments have been working on undoing the deeds since the time humans realised it’s important to save water in order to save our planet.


The water present between the cracks of soil, sands and rocks is mainly said to be groundwater. These geological formations are called AQUIFERS. Groundwater is really necessary for the irrigation of plants, it seeps into the ground and is sucked up by plant roots via transport channels present in them. Groundwater contains dissolved minerals important for the nutrition of plants.


  • Fertilisers
  • Pesticides
  • Dumping of non-biodegradable substances into the ground.

All this collectively accounts for the degradation of soil as well as groundwater. Using organic products and manures is the key to solve this problem at hand.

Lagoon & Backwater:-

The long & vast coastline of India contributed in creating lagoons anto backwaters. The lovely backwaters of Kerala are a major tourist attraction. Southern part of India experiences immense beauty due to these lagoons and backwaters, eg. Kerala, Orissa, West Bengal.

Although there is plenty of water, it’s not completely for consumption. However, it is used for irrigation and fishing purposes to a large extent. Coming down to the point, what exactly is the difference between lagoons and backwater? Lagoons are basically shallow water bodies created in the shape of a lake and separated from the main body due to sandbars. Eg. Chilka Lake.

Backwaters are the part of main rivers where there is absence of water current. Eg. Kerala Backwaters.

These types of water resources are the major reason behind water supply to the households. As you must have noticed, the amount of water pollution is increasing at a rapid pace. The need to purify water is increasing alongside. The main reason for the invention of Reverse Osmosis purifiers is water pollution itself. ‘RO services near me’ is the main search in the present world, as everyone is concerned about the alarming rate at which the quality of water is decreasing. Water purifiers are a must have device in every household these days. That’s what we offer as well, exactly what you need in these prevailing times.

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